The Luxurious Interior Features of the 2018 Dodge Journey

Maybe you're planning a cross country road trip. Maybe you just want a reliable vehicle for your daily commute. No matter how long your next drive, comfort is key. The 2018 Dodge Journey is a popular mid-size SUV for many reasons, including its well-appointed interiors.

When you sit in the driver seat of a Dodge Journey, the luxe interior amenities are immediately apparent. The seat itself is equipped with a six-way power feature, ensuring that drivers can adjust their seat position to suit their needs. The four-way lumbar adjustment feature provides drivers with ergonomic support...

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Get to Know the Ram ProMaster

The 2018 Dodge Ram ProMaster is one of the most popular cargo vans on the market. Part of that is due to its durability. This van offers advanced safety features. This is done both to prevent accidents and to ensure that should one occur, damage is limited. The Ram ProMaster has an oversized windshield compared to other vehicles in its class. This means that it's much easier to see workers, carts and other traffic in front of the vehicle. The van also features anti-lock brakes with long-wearing Brembo brake pads.

The van is also designed to perform well on…
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The Dodge Charger Is a Safe Way to Explore Performance

The exterior of the Dodge Charger screams power. Its exterior bulges with the lines of an athlete with a hood that functions to gulp in air and a rear spoiler to improve grip on the road. Stripes and other markings are available to brand the car as a member of an elite retro team that puts performance at the forefront.

Numerous driver-assist features allow you to safely explore your high-speed dreams. All-Speed Traction Control gives you stability on slippery surfaces by applying brake pressure to any wheels that are slipping. And Electronic Stability Control keeps track of your steering...


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Hybrid Excellence: Chrysler Pacifica

In the market for a new minivan but also want it to get great gas mileage and be environmentally friendly, then you need to check out the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. This popular minivan comes with great features like the two listed below:
  • Fuel Efficiency- The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid has the ability to get 84 mpg and the ability to drive 566 miles when drivers utilize both the gas and electric capabilities.
  • Federal Tax Credit- The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid may qualify you for up to $7500 tax credit. That’s right not only will you be saving money on gas, but…
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Understanding the difference between powertrain and bumper-to-bumper warranties

At Bald Hill Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, we want you to make an informed decision when choosing a warranty for your new car. The two most common types of warranties are the powertrain warranty and the bumper-to-bumper warranty.

A powertrain warranty covers the components of your car that deliver power to your wheels and make your car move. This includes components such as the engine, transmission, and driveshaft. Components such as the battery and clutch are expected to wear out over time and may not be covered.

A bumper-to-bumper warranty covers almost every component of your...
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Extend The Life Of Your Tires With Regular Rotations

The tires on your car, truck, or SUV experience some of the most severe conditions out of all of the equipment on your vehicle. Between the heat and rough terrain that they see, as well as supporting the weight of your vehicle, they don't often last as long as we would like. And since they are not exactly cheap to replace, you will certainly want to get as much life out of them as you can.

The good news is that there are steps that you can take in order to maximize their lifespan. The easiest but most important…

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The Chrysler 300 is a Luxury Sedan with Great Performance Features

If you are trying to find a luxury sedan that has all of the performance features that you are looking for, you should not ignore the Chrysler 300. This is a popular choice when it comes to full-size luxury sedans and it offers all that you are looking for in a car.

The Chrysler 300 features an optional Advanced All-Wheel Drive System. This is something that works seamlessly and that helps you keep in control of your vehicle. The Chrysler 300 also offers electric power steering that makes handling the vehicle easy to do, whether you are on the road…
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Stay Safe in the Durango

The Dodge Durango offers three rows of seating to provide optimal space for the whole family. It also comes with the ability to haul almost anything that you own without losing traction or control. This is done by offering a trailer sway system that stabilizes both the object that you are towing and the trailer itself.

This may reduce the odds that you get into an accident because of an unsecured load. In addition, the Durango offers an eight-speed automatic transmission that allows for a smooth transition between gears. This may allow for a smoother ride when you are on…

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Always Safe and Secure in your New Car - The 2018 Dodge Challenger

Accidents are uneventful and unplanned. As such, it is one of the significant reasons why you should consider buying a car with multiple, sophisticated security and safety features just for you.

As primitive as it may seem, one of the reasons people get accidents is because their headlamps were not working properly or they were unable to focus and stay on their lane because of light from oncoming traffic. Dodge has developed a solution for this problem by installing automatic...
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The Ram 1500: An American Truck Icon

If you are a truck enthusiast, then you need no introduction to the Ram 1500. With 11 different trims and three types of bed styles and cabs, the Ram 1500 is a workhorse with an impressive pedigree. The Ram 1500 Bighorn is no exception.

The Ram 1500 Bighorn offers you a choice from its legendary 5.7L HEMI engine to its fuel-friendly EcoDiesel 3.0L V6 engine. You can choose from an eight-speed transmission with a rear axle ratio of 3.93. Some of the advanced features on the newer models include but are not limited to power-folding exterior mirrors…

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