What Comes with Mopar®'s Road Hazard Tire & Wheel Plan?

Drivers often come into Bald Hill Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, look over a promo card for Mopar®'s vehicle protection plan and wonder if there's any reason they'd want to cover a new Dodge, Chrysler or Jeep. After all, if they're buying a vehicle its new and therefore it might seem like there's no reason to buy an additional coverage policy.

However, Mopar® is offering $100 of Sign-And-Go Towing and Roadside Assistance to ever driver who signs up for the program. No one has to pay a deductible when they make a repair claim either. That certainly sounds better than most of the car insurance ads you hear in and around Warwick!

Best of all, Mopar® insists on using high-quality factory or aftermarket tires and wheels when they do any kind of replacement work. That means you're getting something that's at least as good as what came with your vehicle if you ever have to make a claim.



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