Always Safe and Secure in your New Car - The 2018 Dodge Challenger

Accidents are uneventful and unplanned. As such, it is one of the significant reasons why you should consider buying a car with multiple, sophisticated security and safety features just for you.

As primitive as it may seem, one of the reasons people get accidents is because their headlamps were not working properly or they were unable to focus and stay on their lane because of light from oncoming traffic. Dodge has developed a solution for this problem by installing automatic high-beam headlamps, which are controlled by a compatible system to ensure the headlamps automatically switch from high to low beam depending on the light detected from oncoming traffic.

The Dodge Challenger also comes with rain-sensing wipers. What that means is that you don’t have to keep on changing the wiper settings depending on hard the rain is because the system automatically changes with the amount of moisture detected on the windshield.

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