Understanding the difference between powertrain and bumper-to-bumper warranties

At Bald Hill Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, we want you to make an informed decision when choosing a warranty for your new car. The two most common types of warranties are the powertrain warranty and the bumper-to-bumper warranty.

A powertrain warranty covers the components of your car that deliver power to your wheels and make your car move. This includes components such as the engine, transmission, and driveshaft. Components such as the battery and clutch are expected to wear out over time and may not be covered.

A bumper-to-bumper warranty covers almost every component of your car, usually excluding body panels. This includes the components covered by a powertrain warranty and additional components like electronics and suspension. Like the powertrain warranty, components that are expected to wear out may not be covered.

Our sales team at Bald Hill Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram can guide you through choosing a warranty and answer any warranty questions that you have.
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